Businesswoman strangled to death during robbery

Dead: Nalini Persaud, called “Nalo”

An Albouystown, Georgetown businesswoman was on Thursday morning strangled to death, while her husband was beaten after four masked gunmen invaded their home. Dead is 58-year-old Nalini Persaud, called “Nalo”, of Lot 161 James and Nonpareil Streets, Albouystown. Her lifeless body was discovered in the upper flat of her home with a rope tied around her neck. Her husband, 59-year-old Mahendra Rampersaud has been hospitalised as a result of the injuries he sustained at the hands of the bandits who invaded their home. Guyana Times understands that the perpetrators entered the premises by ripping out a board from the northern wall of the lower flat.
Rampersaud recounted that he and his wife were asleep when they were awakened by two gunmen who warned them not to scream. According to the man, he was taken into the grocery shop in the lower flat of the premises where he was bound to a chair and his mouth covered with duct tape. He was further instructed by one of the bandits that if he cooperated, no harm would come to him or his wife. This newspaper was told that while the businessman was in the lower flat, his wife, who was still in the upper flat of the house began screaming. This prompted one of the bandits to place a lasso around her neck before escorting her to the lower flat where she was instructed to turn off all of the lights in the home. The woman was then taken back upstairs where she was strangled to death. The robbers ransacked the house and carted off an undisclosed sum of cash and jewellery.
Rampersaud relayed that he was left bound for hours until a customer showed up at about 06:00h to purchase cigarettes and found him. Upon seeing the man bound, the customer alerted the couple’s son, who lives in the same yard. The son and his wife rushed over and found Persaud’s lifeless body in the upper flat. Guyana Times was told that bandits had previously attempted to rob the couple but their son went to their aid, causing the robbers to flee. Police have since launched an investigation into the murder/robbery.
On Sunday last, Somdat Ramgobin, 46, also known as “Rakesh”, was killed when bandits invaded his Parika Backdam home. According to the dead man’s sister, her brother had just closed his grocery business for the night at around 21:00h when two men entered the premises.
The men then proceeded to call out to Ramgobin who responded, and was immediately attacked with a glass bottle and beaten to his head and body. The duo then demanded cash and was given $600,000. Unsatisfied, the men then demanded jewellery and after being told that there was none, they took Ramgobin to a bedroom in his house where they shot him to his chest. The bandits then quickly made good their escape in a white motorcar which was said to be parked outside. That matter is also presently being investigated.