…of one
As the days of rigging stretch out in the Courts (three weeks and counting!), there’s some talk about a “cabal” in the coalition doing the dirty while Granger wants to do the right thing!! Now, your Eyewitness ain’t having no truck with such foolishness. And foolishness to the nth degree it is!!
Why this “hard line”? As Julie Andrews advised us in the “Sound of Music”, let’s start at the very beginning. This rigging plan was launched the moment Granger started to play ducks and drakes over the selection of the GECOM Chair – and then showed his hand when he unilaterally chose James Patterson. Wasn’t no cabal controlling him then, was there?? Ramjattan tried to brown nose him when he simpered later that he’d advised the latter it was OK constitutionally to do so. But the CCJ bitch-slapped Granger on that issue – and we don’t hear no talk about Ramjattan being no cabal, do we??
Granger’s been cogging Burnham’s playbook on rigging: if Burnham had two Chief Justices (Jackman and Bollers) to orchestrate his rigging in GECOM, by golly, he was going to do the same!! Even though the law had been expanded to “or any other fit and proper person”, Granger stamped his foot and insisted it HAD to be a judge!! And when the Court interpreted the Constitution differently, that was just their PERCEPTION! And even if it meant Patterson claiming that his claim to’ve been a Chief Justice in Grenada was a “slip of the pen” when he filled out his application!!
Patterson didn’t disappoint Granger as he slipped in the H2H to fix the rig. Wasn’t no cabal in sight then, was there?? Naah! Then it was Granger who fobbed off Claudette Singh on the PPP, to try and prevent the PPP juggernaut from cleaning up the lists and stymieing even the new Chair’s attempt to throw a spanner into the works with the “merging” of apples and oranges!
And we arrive at the Mingoing of the Reg 4 SoPs count. This had to be done to save GRANGER’s grand plan to do a Burnham to get back into power. As far back as 2017, he’d told an Atlanta PNC audience (in confidence he thought!) that he was going to do as his mentor had done, in 2020. There was no cabal in Atlanta winding him up, was there?
He called in Mottley and Caricom ‘cause he was certain they would turn a blind eye to the rigging, as they’d done for Burnham.
But he was just too barefaced. Mottley was trying to save his blushes when she mentioned “forces” trying to stop the recount.
The only force is Granger!!

 …or tendency of kith and kin??
Another myth that has to be debunked if we’re to even get out of this political mess we’ve been mired in for the past 60 years is the conspiracy theory that there’s a cabal, not only in the coalition, but in the entire state system that favours the PNC. Kinda like the “deep state” Trump keeps complaining about in the US, that’s working to do him in.
Our situation is a tad more complicated than that. It’s not a “cabal”, but a “tendency” arising out of the existential fact that the entire state is dominated and staffed from the PNC’s traditional constituency. There’s a sympathy for each other’s position that arises from their common identity and assumptions about politics. Take the Police who looked the other way when APNU supporters were harassing media workers and PPP supporters at Ashmin’s and later at the GECOM HQ. No one from the Police Top Brass had to tell them to do that: they were expected to look aside. It’s a “we” thing.
That Commander who bucked the tendency had to go.

…and COVID-19
But for sure there seems to be a cabal in charge of the country’s reaction to the COVID-19 crisis that’s about to sweep over us like a tsunami.