Cadet Officer Khalifa Hale proposes franchise initiative that creates 1000s of jobs and millions for investors

By Timothy Jaikarran

Khalifa Hale

With the COVID-19 pandemic currently in effect, sporting disciplines have taken a dip, and tournaments of any sort are not being played as everyone awaits the passing of the deadly virus.
However, in that interim period, Guyana Prison Service Cadet Officer Khalifa Hale has developed a strategy that would benefit the world of sport and potential investors. This plan would cover every sporting discipline in Guyana, and with investors coming on board, it would see no sport being neglected.
In an interview with Guyana Times Sport Khalifa was asked about his initiative. He replied, “I have developed a plan that creates 1000s of jobs through sports. That can reduce crime, empower youth, and allow for more youth involvement in sports.
“I have years of experience in sports (administration) as I’m the officer with responsibility for sports in the Prisons, and I’m a member of the Joint Services Sports Committee, where we deal with the planning and administering of various sports events yearly, most notably the Inter-Services Annual Swimming and Athletics Championships.
That plan tackles one of the biggest concerns athletes have: the fact that they are not being paid; while it allows investors to own their own franchise while receiving returns on their investment. But, for the plan to become a reality, it needs investors on board. I have already interacted with the Minister on this initiative, but investors are key to this becoming a reality,” Khalifa posted.
He went on to state that the initiative is not only aimed at creating 1000s of jobs, but also to have a positive impact on our society, as sports are used to stabilise and motivated the lives of Guyanese, especially those poor Guyanese who will now find another path to gain economically.
He noted that this initiative seeks to benefit athletes in several disciplines, while encouraging people to join various associations and federations, as they would now be seeing the economic benefits and the prospect of becoming highly paid athletes.
For further information on his initiative, Khalifa Hale is inviting persons to contact him on 665-4828 or 610-7886, or his email address [email protected]