Canada hoping to strengthen bond with Guyana

Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana, Pierre Giroux has stressed his country’s intent to further

strengthen the close relationship it enjoys with Guyana.
The High Commissioner made the comments on Friday during the handing over of equipment, worth some Cdn$13,500, by Canada-based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), the Caribbean North Charities Foundation (CNCF) to the Burn Care Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital.
The NGO has, over the years, has been making contributions to the Hospital, specifically the Burn Care Unit to help increase its efficiency.
Giroux emphasised the bond that Canada and Guyana have developed over the past few centuries. He said that the close relationship has expanded, catering not only for the development of the country’s medical sector but the general advancement of Guyana as it grows from strength to strength.
He stated that it was with pleasure that the Foundation has made donations to the medical sector in Guyana, since it was aware of the significant role these can play in changing the lives of burn victims as well as placing Guyana on the charts as one of the developed countries.
“This simply strengthens the people-to-people relations and expresses what we are hoping to be now and in the future as a follow-up of the past which says essentially we are here to work together and to grow together.” Giroux also noted.
The diplomat commended the Health Ministry and the Hospital for ensuring that the service offered by the Burn Care Unit was of maximum quality. For this reason, he said, the Foundation is grateful to be a significant part in the process of developing the Unit.
Making his remarks on behalf of the Hospital and Ministry, Public Health Minister, Dr George Norton, conveyed gratitude to the Foundation for always doing its best to aid Guyana in its journey to grow the health sector. “.. . this donation adds further to the many years of invaluable assistance and longstanding commitment of the Foundation to the Burn Care Unit”, he added.
The continuous support by the Foundation has had a lasting impact on the Unit over the years in improving its quality of service to the public, the Minister also noted.
Additionally, Dr Norton mentioned that in a world where the health sector was vastly developing technologically, the laptop computers that were donated would help tremendously in keeping policies and procedures in digital format so that burn care information could be accessed online.
With that, the Minister said the Ministry was anticipating the Foundation’s continued support. “We look forward to continuously working with you to provide effective care for severely burnt patients and to reduce their pain and suffering during hospitalisation.”
Among the equipment that was donated were the Skin Graft Mesher, Expansion Ratio Cutters, Autoclave Case, Skin Graft Mesher Carrier, and Dermatome Blades.