Several roads in Linden in deplorable condition

– as inclement weather intensifies
Inclement weather over the past few days has left several already “substandard” roads in Linden in a deplorable state.
Residents, particularly drivers, have voiced concerns over the state of several roads in both Wismar and Mackenzie in areas such as Block 22, Amelia’s Ward, Victory Valley and Wisroc.
The state of a Block 22 road
The state of a Block 22 road
They noted that some of the roads have gotten worse, with a few impassable. Because of this minibus and taxi drivers are refusing to venture into some areas, according to residents.
“The Region and the Town Council got the capacity to deal with some of these roads, but nothing ain’t doing. Look at Block 22; is years nothing ain’t do to some of them roads,” a resident pointed out.
While several stretches of road at Block 22 recently benefited from repair works through the Regional Democratic Council (RDC), residents indicated that others have been neglected for years, with the situation being compounded by the constant rain. They pointed out that erosion was also a major issue, coupled with flood-related problems caused by poor drainage.
Another resident of Block 22 opined that “one of the worse roads in Linden” was situated in that area.
“This road is slowly eroding. We know about bad roads all the time here, because for years some ain’t repair. People with vehicles does think twice before coming here. We waiting to see what the Region doing, because is years this area troubling with this issue,” the resident indicated.
Similar sentiments were echoed throughout Linden, as the country braces for the bad weather associated with the May-June rainy season.