CANU finds $14.3M in ganja, shotgun & ammo off Corentyne Coast

– 2 Surinamese among 4 arrested

Ranks of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) have unearthed a quantity of marijuana and a shotgun with matching ammunition in two vessels off the Corentyne Coast in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).
The discovery was made on Saturday along the coast of No 47 Village, Corentyne, Berbice.
According to CANU, its ranks with support from the Guyana Defence Force’s (GDF) Coast Guard intercepted two vessels early Saturday morning on the suspicion that they were transporting cannabis.
Despite the rough seas and inclement weather, CANU said the team boarded both vessels to conduct searches, during which they discovered one shotgun, a quantity of ammunition as well as suspected cannabis on one of the vessels.
Several bags containing suspected cannabis were also discovered on the other vessel.
The total weight of the cannabis found is 117 kilograms or 257.9 pounds and it carries a local street value of $14.3 million.
Four suspects were arrested on the two vessels. They are 44-year-old Adrian Hetmyer and 20-year-old Daniel Persaud, both from Sheet Anchor, Berbice, as well as Surinamese nationals, 41-year-old Suren Mohan and 48-year-old Imami Fizal.

The shotgun with ammunition and marijuana found on the two vessels

The men were escorted to CANU headquarters with the suspected narcotics, shotgun, and ammunition.
The suspected cannabis was tested and weighed at CANU Headquarters.
On the first vessel that was intercepted, which was carrying the two Guyanese nationals, a total of 105.8 kg or 233 pounds of marijuana was found.
Onboard the second vessel, which was carrying the two Surinamese, was another 11.2 kg or 24.6 pounds of cannabis along with the shotgun and ammunition.