Father of 2 brutally stabbed to death during argument at Lusignan

By La Wanda McAllister

A construction worker and father of two is now dead after he was stabbed and left on the road to die on Saturday night along the Lusignan Prison Road, East Coast Demerara (ECD).
Dead is 27-year-old Delon Hendricks of Buxton, ECD.
Police said that a resident of Lusignan Prison Road told investigators that he was at home watching television when he heard loud arguments from outside his home and as such, he went to enquire and it was then he observed a male lying motionlessly on the roadway.
The body was clad in pair of yellow three-quarter pants and a jersey, with what appeared to be stab wounds to the left side neck. The body was reportedly in a pool of blood.
The resident said he immediately made contact with the Police. At about 00:20h on Sunday, emergency medical technicians (EMT) from the Melanie Fire Station arrived at the scene and pronounced the victim dead.
The area was canvassed for CCTV, and cameras were seen in close proximity. Investigators are in the process of reviewing the footage.
Hendricks’s body was taken to the Memorial Gardens Funeral Home awaiting post-mortem.
However, on Sunday a relative of the now dead man told Guyana Times that Hendricks left home to go out on Saturday evening with his brother-in-law and never returned. It was after hearing about a murder on Sunday morning, they went to enquire.
“From what we know is that he and his girl brother were out drinking and his brother-in-law left to go home, leaving him there. After he never came home his girl started to get worried and early this morning [Sunday] after hearing an Amerindian man got stabbed and died, she got worried and that’s when she went to the station and stuff to figure out what’s going, and it was him that died,” the relative added.
She noted that it is sad that Hendricks had to lose his life at such a young age, leaving his reputed wife to raise his two children and unborn child.
“She [his reputed wife] is about four months pregnant and his daughter is four and his son is around two years old. It’s just heart-breaking to see him go like this. He was always the social type of person, stayed to himself, and enjoyed time with family and his friends. He was a very hard worker as well.”
The family is hoping that the killer(s) face the full brunt of the law.
“…nobody was arrested as of right now, the security footage is still being reviewed as they weren’t clear enough, so hopefully they can find who did this. It is messed up knowing we just lost our nephew at the hands of someone and now losing him the same way.”
“We got to know who did this because it’s way too many murders happening and nothing is being done about it. The same way we fought for Sheldon; we’re going to fight for him. He’s family,” the relative expressed.
In June, Hendricks’s nephew, 22-year-old Sheldon Harry, a miner, died after he and his 30-year-old Venezuelan girlfriend were both set on fire by a friend during a row at Puruni Landing, Mazaruni River (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).
It was reported that the duo was set on fire by Christian Joseph, also known as “Son Son” of Kitty, Georgetown.
At the height of the argument, Joseph had threatened to hurt his fiancé during an argument. As such, in a bid to escape the man’s threat, the woman left her mining camp and went over to Harry’s where she stayed the entire day.
However, the suspect went over to Harry’s camp and continued to threaten the woman. Harry reportedly attempted to calm him down but instead, he left the camp and returned with a cutlass, and advanced toward the woman.
Gracey, Harry’s girlfriend, intervened but this angered Joseph and she was pushed out of the way. Harry then became angry and an argument ensued between him and the suspect.
It was then Joseph dowsed the couple with gasoline and set them alight. They were both hospitalised and Harry succumbed to his injuries two weeks later. The suspect was arrested sometime later after being on the run and was charged for the offence.