Capoey community pushes to improve education delivery

The Capoey community in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam), continues to place emphasis on the important role education plays in the development of the nation’s youth.

Capoey Toshao Melrose Henry

Capoey Toshao Melrose Henry said the Village Council “realised that education is the only way to success, and being educated is beneficial for our young people, as they will become well equipped so that they can take on the role of leadership”.
According to the Department of Public Information, she explained that in keeping with Government’s agenda to ensure every child attends school, the Village Council decided to purchase a 25-foot boat equipped with lifejackets to assist in transporting students to their various secondary schools. Henry added that a newly purchased bus will deliver students to the region’s public road, from where they will obtain necessary transportation for the remaining destination.
These services are provided free of cost to encourage regular attendance by students at their educational institutions.
The Capoey toshao reiterated that the community would continue to encourage its young people to acquire education, as it would help to shape their future, and they in turn would aid in the development of their village and that of the nation as a whole.