Carifesta Avenue, seawall road now one-way during rush hour

As ongoing efforts to significantly reduce traffic congestion continues, Traffic Chief Senior Superintendent Mahendra Singh has approved a new strategy set to be implemented along the, Carifesta Avenue, Georgetown during morning and evening rush hour.
Speaking during a Radio Eve Leary interview on Monday, Inspector Garvin Boyce, said that based on the new approved traffic strategy, Carifesta Avenue will become a one-way for west bound traffic into Georgetown. “Starting from Tuesday, during that period from 07:00h to 8:30h we expect that the westbound traffic coming all the way from the east coast corridor to Carifesta should minimize because having two lanes of traffic flowing will enable persons to get to work in a timely manner, drop their children off at school, and still have some extra time to play,” he stated.
Meanwhile, he stated that the seawall carriageway would be used for traffic heading east. “The sea wall road will be used for traffic facing east and not west. In addition to that, we are kindly asking citizens to please comply with our traffic posture because this strategy is set to help all of us to get through with all of our tasks in a timely manner,” Inspector Boyce emphasised.

Traffic Chief Senior Superintendent Mahendra Singh and Inspector Garvin Boyce speaking during the Radio Eve Leary interview

Further, Inspector Boyce highlighted that police ranks will be conducting traffic directives within the area which will ensure compliance for persons driving west along the carriage way during rush hour.
Inspector Boyce has also indicated that this initiative was prompted by the recent observation of congestion caused by the scores of children attending the Marian Academy, as the scores of students travelling to school places a strain on traffic.
“Currently, the Marian Academy has a lot of children which attend the school and that puts a lot of strain on the westbound traffic on the southern carriage way area, which is why the next lane coming west along the northern carriage way was implemented,” he stated, adding that by doing this, persons who are waiting to turn into the school to drop off their children will be able to do so as traffic will be able to flow simultaneously, making it easier for persons heading in the same direction. (G2)