Pork-knocker stabbed to death by drinking buddy

A drinking spree turned deadly on Sunday when a pork-knocker was stabbed to death by his drinking partner.
Dead is Trevor Hilliman, a pork knocker from 5-Miles Arakaka, Region One (Barima-Waini) and Lot 14 Public Road, Pouderoyen, West Coast Demerara
Reports are that at about 23:00h on Sunday, Hilliman was stabbed to death at Jonnel Gaskin’s Shop in 5 Miles, Arakaka, North West District.
According to Police, inquiries revealed that the suspect and the pork-knocker are known to each other and on Sunday the suspect was passing on the main access road at 5-Miles Arakaka when Hilliman called him, and they began imbibing. Police said that after a while, a heated argument ensued, and the suspect pulled out a knife from his pants waist and dealt Hilliman a stab to the left chest.
Following the incident, police were contacted and upon arrival, the suspect, who was still on the scene, was pointed out, and he was arrested. The victim’s body was then escorted to Port Kaituma hospital mortuary, awaiting post mortem examination. The suspect, 42-year-old miner from 5 Miles Arakaka, North West District, remains in custody as investigations continue.