‘Child father’ admits killing Sophia woman

Clevon Hamilton, 26, the father of Simone Hackett’s child, has confessed to murdering the young woman, whose body was found in a trench at Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara.

Murdered: Simone Hackett
Murdered: Simone Hackett

According to Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum, the miner who was arrested in Mahdia, Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni) admitted on Thursday of committing the heinous crime, after which he led a team of investigators to the scene where he murdered Hackett.
According to reports received, the man told investigators that he travelled to Georgetown on Saturday and stayed at a city hotel. On Saturday evening, he reportedly contacted Hackett and made arrangements to meet at the University of Guyana access road.
He then contacted a close friend who collected him from the hotel and dropped him off at the bus shed where he met the woman.
At the time, he was carrying a haversack in which the murder weapon was concealed. The suspect went on to tell the Police that during the meeting, an argument ensued between the two, after he accused Hackett of being unfaithful.
The man who also admitted that he was jealous, explained that despite them being separated for some time, he was still in love with her. Added to his jealousy, the man also stated that the woman wanted to take his son away from him; hence he knew he had to get rid of her.
Hamilton admitted that during the argument, he choked the woman after which he pulled out the knife and inflicted the fatal injuries. He then toss the body in the trench, got rid of the murder weapon, boarded a taxi and travelled back to Mahdia. He was arrested on Wednesday morning by Police ranks in Mahdia after which he was transported to the city where he was grilled and subsequently caved under pressure, admitting to committing the crime.
It was reported that upon discovery of the woman’s body, her throat was slashed and at least three stab wounds were seen on her back. She reportedly left home on Saturday evening at about 20:30h to uplift a package that was sent by her child’s father from Mahdia, but never returned home.
She was due to be the maid of honour at her sister’s wedding on Saturday last and she also missed her son’s birthday on Sunday. Relative from the initial stage thought that something was amiss after they telephoned the woman and heard sounds in the background but when they tried to contact her later in the night, the phone went to voicemail.
After she did not return home, a missing person’s report was lodged at the Sparandaam Police Station and relatives hysterically began to search for the woman but to no avail. It was until Tuesday, her body was discovered by two school boys who were heading to school.
The suspect is expected to be charged in the new week.