Children rescued from burning house

Two children were on Thursday evening rescued from a burning wooden building at D Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown. The fire reportedly started at about 21:00h and quickly gutted the structure.

The aftermath of the fire

At the time of the fire, two brothers, aged six and three, were left in the house in the care of an uncle, Nicholas Harvey, who is also the owner of the house.
The children, however, were reportedly left unattended. Neighbours who saw the flames quickly rushed to the house and managed to remove the two children without them being harmed. The uncle was nowhere to be seen.
Without hesitation, the neighbours called the fire service, but when the fire tenders arrived, the wooden structure was already completely gutted.
Regrettably, the family was unable to save anything from the house.
According to a neighbour, the children’s mother works at a city bar as a waitress from 16:00h until 02:00h. An investigation has been launched into the cause of the fire.