Christmas Day: Guyana stronger on foundation of national unity – Pres Ali

…as PM urges Guyanese to look forward to New Year full of opportunities

In a Christmas Day message that zeroed in on the importance of national unity to make Guyana stronger and more resilient, President Dr Irfaan Ali noted that the Christmas holiday brings with it a message of hope for society and for the nation.
President Ali joined First Lady Arya Ali and their son Zayd in extending heartfelt greetings to all Guyanese on the festive occasion. He noted that the nativity and the message of Christmas reminds that we are all our “brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.”

President Dr Irfaan Ali

“The celebration of Christmas recalls many images including the nativity scene which depicts the humble birth of Jesus, lying innocently and peacefully in a manger, wrapped in “swaddling clothes” and surrounded by his caring and protective mother and father. This timeless image of the Holy Family is a powerful model of faithfulness, love, and unity.”
“Today, our human family faces many challenges. God’s creation, established to provide for our needs, is under threat by the climate crisis. Conflict between and within countries has occasioned deaths, destruction, and suffering and have exacerbated the hardships occasioned by the global health crisis,” the President said in his message.
He noted that notwithstanding all of this, Guyana can withstand any challenge as long as we remain united “as a family, a community, as a society and as a nation”. He noted that Guyanese will thus be better able to respond to life’s challenges.
“The true meaning of Christmas is to be found in the humbleness and simplicity of Christ’s nativity. It invites us to manifest a spirit of solidarity with the wider human family, and especially the vulnerable in our midst – the sick, the hungry, the poor, the destitute, and the infirm. As members of the wider human family, we have a responsibility to attend to the needs of the less.”

Prime Minister, Brigadier (Retired) Mark Phillips

“As we celebrate the joyous Season of Christmas, let us work towards promoting that spirit of oneness within our country. Let us remain steadfast in our quest for unity. Let us ensure that no weapon, formed to divide our human family, prospers! And let us empty our hearts and larders in helping the needy! In giving, we will find great happiness,” the President said.

Full of opportunities
Meanwhile, Prime Minister, Brigadier (Retired) Mark Phillips in his Christmas Day message urged the population to take part in the festivities and the charity that accompanies it. Phillips described the increased charity and kindness during this time as “heartening” and urged Guyanese to “show their charitable side.”
“The joy of Christmas is so great, that the world joins with Christians to emulate the positive sentiments of renewed hope and joy, goodwill, thanksgiving and generosity. It is always heartening to observe the increase in charity and kindness among people especially at this time,” he said.
“We extend a helping hand to those in need, and those who may otherwise feel excluded. We consider our own blessings and seek to share those blessings with our loved ones and our neighbours.”
According to the PM, Christmas is a beautiful occasion that provides an opportunity for all to let their “inner light shine.” He also noted that Guyanese can also look forward to a New Year that will feature new opportunities.
“I urge that as you partake in the busy activities of this season, do not neglect to give thanks for your blessings. Do not forget to be grateful for the success you have achieved and to reflect on both your strengths and weaknesses in an aim to make positive changes in the future. Soon, a new year will be upon us and it will bring new opportunities that we must be sure to capitalise on.”
“Take the chance to do something new or to help someone new; perform small acts of kindness wherever you go for charity is an evergreen currency that brings endless returns. On that note, I wish you and your families every happiness for Christmas and I extend my very best wishes for a Merry Christmas to each and every Guyanese,” the Prime Minister said. (G3)