CIOG donates supplies to over 650 persons

Over 650 persons were assisted by the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) on Thursday with the donation of supplies for children and elderly persons across the country.

A few persons who benefitted from CIOG’s distribution exercise

A formal donation exercise saw mattresses and basic necessities being disbursed to the elderly while stationery and school supplies followed for school-aged students that were in need of assistance. These vulnerable children will also be given textbooks that are needed in the classroom setting.
Shaikh Moen-ul-Hack of the organisation told Guyana Times that this exercise was made possible through donors in the diaspora and will continue at Meten-Meer-Zorg on the West Coast of Demerara throughout the week.
The International Development Relief Foundation (IDRF) has been funding a number of distribution exercises at the organisation. However, this donation cost about $5 million.
“The handing over of mattresses, walkers and adult disposable items for the less fortunate in our community was made possible through the International Development Relief Foundation based in Canada. They have funded a number of projects here in Guyana through the CIOG. More than 450 orphans and vulnerable children in all three counties will benefit from this donation and more than 200 poor elderly persons will benefit from basic necessities which IDRF has funded,” he said.
Moen-ul-Hack related that they accept monetary and tangible donations from the public to support these ventures. Persons can also donate their time to deliver the items to the recipients. Over the past year, they have also received assistance from other religious groups.
“Our motto is caring and sharing and to be kind to the less fortunate. So the CIOG receives both donations in cash as well as in kind. Our contributions are extended to everyone regardless of race or religion. We accept distribution of clothing, foodstuff, household items and so on.”
Victims of flooding, fires and other disasters also receive support whenever the need arises. It was explained that the local community has played an important role in reaching those that require help.
“Our local community has stood with us, both corporate and Guyanese individuals right across from Food for the Poor, the Humanitarian Assistance Programme, members of the Hindu as well as Christian organisations,” Moen-ul-Hack expressed.