Sluice attendant fearful for life after repeated bee attacks

Kungbehari Persaud, a sluice operator attached to the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), is calling on the relevant authorities to take measures to prevent him from being constantly attacked by bees.
According to the distraught man, the bees are being reared by a honey farmer nearby the Gay Park/Inslington Sluice in the East Berbice-Corentyne region and they are constantly attacking him. He is now fearful every time he operates the sluice.

Sluice attendant, Kungbehari Persaud

The fearful man related that the Africanized bees have stung him on several occasions. Persaud expressed concerns that he might be forced to leave the sluice door open during the high tide, which would cause flooding.
Over the past few weeks, the insects have been on a rampage. Persaud said he was told that a fence will be erected to prevent the bees from getting to persons at the sluice.
Meanwhile, several other persons in the community have been stung due to the hives being situated close to the Berbice River.
“I told my boss and he said he will speak to the guy minding the bees. The bees stung me again yesterday (Monday). I spoke to my boss at the Albion Estate again. I called the owner this morning and he told me he will fence the place,” Persaud said.
“At present, I work in fear. If when the sluice is open and the bees attack me and I have to run and leave it there could be a flood and they would blame the sluice attendant… I know it is a very important job I am doing,” he added.
The sluice at Islington drains GuySuCo’s cultivation along with Islington, Gay Park and Overwinning.
Persaud said whenever he leaves for work he does so in fear of never returning to his home.