City Council replaces concrete slabs

Princes Street Petrol station service disruption

Operations at the Infinity Service Station at Princes and High Streets is slated for full resumption as Georgetown Mayor & City Council (M&CC) workers on Friday replaced several concrete slabs that were removed to facilitate cleaning of drains.

Workmen replacing concrete slabs
Workmen replacing concrete slabs

Guyana Times was told that the drains around the gas station are about three meters deep so the slabs had to be moved. Additionally, it was posited that cleaning of drains is done in connection with the flow of tides and as such cannot be completed within a short timeframe.
Earlier this week this publication reported that city workers on Tuesday left the area in a muddied state, much to the anger of manager Keshan Persaud.
The proprietor had alleged that workmen advised that they would not put the concrete slabs back as they were only responsible for removing it. Persaud had further stated that his business was affected as only a very limited number of vehicles could enter to obtain gas.
Guyana Times was informed Monday that a female worker without proper identification informed management of the gas station that these works would commence.
When managers of the service station attempted to make inquiries of the works, the female worker reportedly asked them if they were attempting to tell them how to do their job.
This publication made contact with City Council’s Public Relations Officer Debra Lewis who related that she was aware of the issue and explained that she spoke to someone who looked into the matter to have it rectified.
The cleaning works are part of the overall preparations for Guyana’s Golden Jubilee celebrations in May. In 2015, the National Budget included the allocation of $300 million towards restoration of the capital city.