D Division Police to receive new ground from region’s administration – Jaikaran

In light of the consistent humanitarian exercises by D Division (West Bank Demerara-East Bank Essequibo) of the Guyana Police Force, Region’s Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) administration has vowed to reward the ranks by establishing for them, a special ground where their activities can be carried out in comfort.

Region Three REO Dennis Jaikaran
Region Three REO Dennis Jaikaran

This was according to the region’s Regional Executive Officer (REO) Dennis Jaikaran, during his congratulatory speech to the Force on making a major contribution to the establishment of a library at the Parfait Harmonie Primary School.
During the delivery of his speech, Jaikaran said the Force has been making a major impact in the lives of residents of the region and for this reason, they are eligible for a reward.
Giving back to the community by way of aiding was just one of the initiatives of the Force, as over the years it has taken the affairs of the residents as its priority and worked tediously to address them.
This is not only in the sense of offering security to the residents, but also in the form of charitable and self-building activities to achieve ultimate development.
Jaikaran assured the Force that in the near future the administration will be paving the way for the provision of a new ground that will be built specifically for the ranks and for the hosting of activities of the Force.
As the activities are many, he said that this indeed will be a beneficial move, not only for the Force, but also the region.
He also said this would help to foster growth and expansion in the region even as the country aims to accomplish extensive development and improve the productivity level of its population.

The REO added that the activities of the Force should be embodied by the rest of the region so that they also can make an impact on regional and national advancement.
He encouraged the region to get on board and be active bodies for the purpose of building a land that would eventually be more sustainable, safe and productive for human living.
Jaikaran therefore commended the ranks for having the interest of the country at heart and acting to ensure that the goals they want to see in the lives of Guyanese are achieved.
He urged them to continue their work in serving Guyana and making every effort to move the country closer to its goal of extensive progression.
Making his remarks on behalf of the D Division, Commander Stephen Mansell said that the Force will continue to do its part in fostering Guyana’s growth.
He disclosed that the Guyana Police Force over the years has undertaken a number of activities that have been beneficial to the public and there are a wide range of others that it will be embarking on in the near future.
Mansell cited that over the course of one of its most recent activity, the Force had been able to get more than 185 youths from the Region Three district off of the streets and living sustainable lives.
Over the remainder of this year, the Police Force will be additionally offering two sets of programmes that target the region’s youths.
The Commander said this includes the cookery programme that is currently running and will provide the foundation for youths who find an interest in food and nutrition. This programme will be running for six weeks.
Additionally, in August, the Force will also be commencing its vocational training slated for one month and designed primarily for youths.
Mansell urged the public to take advantage of these activities as they are intended to promote self building.