City schools taking steps to reinforce COVID-19 measures

With schools scheduled to reopen on Monday, the Ministry of Education is ramping up efforts to ensure that all COVID-19 preventative measures are in place to keep the nation’s children safe.
On Friday, the Department of Public Information visited two city schools for a first-hand look at how the preventative measures have been implemented.
The Ministry, according to the DPI report, has installed hand-washing stations near the entrance in both schools’ compounds and teachers and other staff were seen posting reminders of the guidelines at key locations.
Several of them told DPI that their schools have adopted strict policies to safeguard students.
One such measure is the placement of clear markings to ensure students are kept at least six feet apart and are wearing their masks at all times.
Both schools also said teachers and auxiliary staff are expected to remain vigilant, particularly during break periods.
Headmistress of Richard Ishmael Secondary School, Melanie Jones said steps are being taken to “limit the numbers [of students] and prevent overcrowding. We’re going to be very strict on that. The main priority would be supervision.”
Jones also said students will be cautioned not to flout the preventative measures.