Coalition needs to address growing corruption, cronyism within its rank-and-file

Dear Editor,
The Coalition Government promised to wipe out corruption and cronyism, and foster accountability and transparency; but two years have passed and the Coalition is yet to address the growing corruption and cronyism within its rank-and-file.
In May 2017, the Berbice Branch Manager of NCN was sent on administrative leave pending investigation. This type of leave is normally given to facilitate investigations without the person in question trying to compromise the investigation in any way. However, in the case of this NCN Branch Manager, it can be seen as an effort by those in authority to send her away until the ‘dust is settled’ and the heat of the issue is forgotten.
But what this Manager has done will make the previous Manager, Mr Faizal Jaffarally, look like an altar boy. She has been the Manager for a period of 15 months during which ‘fake’ invoices, receipts and log sheets were used and she was never aware of it. The unfortunate staff members, who were dismissed, made it clear that they were instructed to prepare these ‘fake’ documents. There is overwhelming evidence to support this.
Why were their statements thrown aside? Even if we are to believe that these staff members falsified the documents, did these employees collect the sums of money as well? Are there no checks and balances at NCN? Is this the ‘competence’ of the Branch Manager?
When Jaffarally was dismissed, the then CEO for NCN, Ms Molly Hassan, boasted about hiring ‘competent personnel’; is this the type of competence which is hired? Even if she is not involved in the fake documents, which I don’t for a moment believe, how is it that these frauds were committed right under her nose without her having any clue about what is going on?
This person is a disgrace to the AFC. But it seems that this person has strong connections, which go to the top of NCN and the AFC, so she can do no wrong. From information received, this Branch Manager will resume duties this month end. This is grave injustice to those who were dismissed. Who is protecting her?
We blamed and lambasted the PPP/C, but we are doing worse in just two years.

Yours sincerely,
Muhammad Mustapha