Island Style Cafe and Wine Bar taking your taste buds on a journey

Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin, officially launched the re-branded Island Style Cafe and Wine Bar at 50 Brickdam, Georgetown on Saturday.  Whilst delivering remarks, the minister noted that Guyana’s tourism sector continues to develop.

Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin

Minister Gaskin added that while hinterland tourism will be developed, it is imperative that coastland tourism also progresses. He explained that with increased investments in businesses like the Island Style Cafe and Wine Bar, tourists will have a variety to choose from when visiting Guyana.
He jocularly noted, “Tourists tend to eat more while being on vacation”.
Valerie Grant, proprietor of the cafe and bar, who has been residing in Guyana for a few years, noted there was a need for good Caribbean food, hence the establishment of the cafe. However, she soon realised patrons were requesting wine with their meals.

Proprietor of Island Style Cafe & Wine Bar, Valerie Grant

“I like a good glass of wine, and I also like to visit vineyards”, she remarked.
Grant said that after much discussion with some of her colleagues, it was decided that the wine bar would be a fantastic addition to the business.
According to the Department of Public Information, the Island Style Cafe and Bar will offer a variety of cuisines on different days of the week. The business operates under the motto “Taking your taste buds on a journey around the Caribbean”.