Commending Govt’s decision for ending curfew

Dear Editor,
We the Management of Palm Court, welcome the Government’s decision to bring an end to the Emergency COVID-19 curfew with immediate effect.
We believe that this decision is very timely. Since their election into office, the Government has managed to tackle the spread of the deadly virus where adequate intervention was made to address both the economic impact on the health implications.
It is worthwhile to note that the tourism, entertainment and hospitality sector has been the most badly affected globally and in Guyana, resulting in hundreds of businesses and employees being placed on the bread line.
With more than half the population fully vaccinated, this decision will allow/make way for the safe reopening of businesses as well as create employment opportunities for persons in addition to building the economy.
Once again, we would like to thank the Government and the COVID-19 taskforce for their diligence and the recently updated measures.
We wish to commend the Government for the manner in which they manage to contain the impacts of the deadly COVID-19 virus.
Ravin Prashad
Chairman of Board
of Directors