Commending President for his advice to avoid panic

Dear Editor,
A report from the PNCR chastises the Government for management of the COVID crisis. Compared to what the APNU party was doing during the COVID crisis, the current Government has been exemplary in educating the public, providing important information, maintaining an active dashboard, vaccinating and encouraging vaccinations of our people, and also encouraging the Opposition to add in a mutual manner to the importance of vaccinating all, especially our children and elderly.
Misinformation and confusion abound all over the world. Fear is generated by the disunity of persons, who add to the fear of persons. The points made by the report by the PNCR are incorrect. The Government is not responsible for the increase in the cases, as this increase is occurring worldwide. The truth is that while there is an increase in numbers, the fatality rate is low from the omicron. It seems that the omicron may actually prove to be protective of functioning to improve the immunity of those vaccinated. The concern about children going to school is not rightly made. It says that the Government was in a rush. The Hon Minister of Education has deliberated over many months, and has had consultations, including with the medical fraternity, for guidance.
I say to our people, do not listen to misinformation. Dr Mahendra Carpen, a very busy cardiologist, has spearheaded an excellent programme of providing evidence-based facts by radio, TV, and he consults with a wide group of doctors, including myself, through a group set up by the Hon Minister of Health.
This group includes senior doctors in Guyana and overseas, many like Dr. Moti Ramgopal, who is in Florida, are involved in research and tracking the course of the virus. We continue to maintain safety measures. I applaud our Government for the work it has done, and also wish to commend our President for his advice to the nation to avoid panic, practice safe behaviours, and take the vaccines, including the booster.

Yours respectfully
Dr Davendra Sharma