Community grounds

Dear Editor,
There is widespread concern and disappointment among the people of Berbice with regard to the use of community grounds in the ancient county. As is well known, the Government has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into these grounds so that the people can have facilities for recreation and sports, but lo and behold, most of these grounds are abandoned, taken over by vegetation, or not being used for any activity whatsoever.
What a shame. Investigations have revealed that in most of these grounds, the committees formed to run the affairs of the grounds are not functioning, hence this debacle.
I would therefore like to recommend to the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture that the Organising Committees of every ground must submit a report at the end of the year documenting all the activities that took place during the year and plans for the new year. Failure to do so will result in funding not being provided by the Government.
And this report must be verified by at least three people of standing within the community. Also, grounds that have no functioning committees, the Minister should move to install new ones.
Finally, the teams that play second-division cricket in Berbice are complaining bitterly that the year is fast coming to an end and no second-division cricket competition has been organised by the Berbice Cricket Board for the year so far, which is also contributing to the situation with regards to the community grounds.
Hoping to hear from the Minister soon.

Yours faithfully,
Imtiaz Baccus