Competitive 3-tier contracts for 2019/2020 season

CGI issues revamped academy contract…

Cricket Guyana Inc. continues to lead the way in formulating and enhancing the territorial professional franchise structure. It has issued a comparative 3-tier contract system, as is done with the regional franchises, which include facilitation of coaches, physiotherapist, strength and conditioning, management staff, as well as the creation and facilitation of a training venue with first-class standards.

Ashmead Nedd

This year’s offer of the tier Academy contract for the 2019/2020 season is perceived as a significant step for CGI and its beneficiaries, as it was implemented due to a robust drive to make the recipient allocation of Academy contracts more competitive and valuable.
This initiative has resulted in Academy players being offered ranked ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ contracts. Last year’s monthly Academy contract fee per player of $75,000 is now the amount given for ‘B’ contracts. The 2014/2015 season initial monthly Academy contract fees per player of $50,000 is now the value of a ‘C’ contract; and spiralling $100,000 monthly fees per player are now being offered to those who are awarded ‘A’ contracts.
The directors of CGI are of the view that the 3-tier Academy contracts provide an added incentive for players to work hard at improving their game in an effort to give themselves the best opportunity of performing outstandingly well on a consistent basis.

Kevin Umroa

In comparison to what had obtained in previous years, outstanding players are now being provided opportunity to benefit more financially from local contracts, especially in cases where they may have narrowly missed out on regional franchise contracts, or have been noticeably recognized by CGI for exceptional performance in the locally conducted training and preparatory programmes.
The directors of CGI credit the Academy structure with providing unwavering support to five-time champions the Guyana Jaguars, ensuring that replacement players are well prepared and equipped to excel at the regional and international levels.
The 3-tier Academy contracts will be complemented by the usual management staff, with two (2) Academy coaches, a physiotherapist and strength and conditioner. Further, during the early path of the 2019/2020 season, the Academy is also likely to benefit from training facilities of first class standards, which will be situated on the LBI grounds.
For the 2019/2020 season, Robin Bacchus and Joshua Persaud have missed out on offers for Academy contracts, with last Year Academy player Bhaskar Yadram being picked up by the Windward Islands Volcanoes Franchise, while Raun Johnson had opted out of last year’s contract during the latter part of the season. This season, Trevon Griffith signs on to a CGI Academy contract after plying his trade with the Jamaica Scorpions for the last few seasons.
The 2019/2020 Academy Contracts are allocated as follows:
Ranked A: Trevon Griffith, Akshaya Persaud, Antony Adams and Richie Looknauth.
Ranked B: Kemol Savory, Ronaldo Ali Mohamed, Raymond Perez and Kevin Sinclair.
Ranked C: Ricardo Adams, Kevlon Anderson, Kevin Umroa and Ashmead Nedd.
Prior to the signing of the 2019/2020 Academy contracts, all earmarked contracted players met with CGI representative Anand Sanasie, the Academy coaches, and Technical Advisor Colin Stuart to examine and discuss players’ expectations and contract obligations.