Conserving waste materials

Dear Editor,
With serious increase in the deterioration of the climate in the world, which is causing such drastic change to our weather patterns, making them extreme and disastrous, it is so disappointing to see that no effort is being made locally to conserve the material that we use every day, causing such waste in our resources, as well as pollution of our environment.
It is therefore urgent that we make the effort to effect this conservation by some system of recycling, as is being done in the advanced countries. This is imperative when we realise that we are on the brink of more utilisation of material with increased expenditure in all sectors of our country.
In progressive countries, waste is normally collected in three different categories – ordinary trash: which cannot be recycled, but is processed to obtain compost; paper and other combustible material: which is converted to compost and other useful material; and plastic and metal items: which are reused by the various manufacturers.
Another benefit of this system is that there is less garbage on the streets and other public areas, which can be so unsightly, filthy, and likely to spread disease.
I sincerely hope that the Government takes early steps to effect this modern system, which would be of immense value to our environment, and also help in this effort at lessening the adverse effects of climate change.

Roy Paul