We had no money

Dear Editor,
The latest narrative coming from the APNU – because they were the major entity in everything governmental, the AFC was only a servile lackey to their commands – was that they had no money to work with. They are putting forward the argument that central financing was not available to them to carry out the start, far less completion, of any major project. Interesting! The asininity of that statement, simply put, is that nothing by way of financial support was in the treasury to help them fulfill their obligation as a Government.
This is the very same campaign rhetoric they trumpeted to the nation before they entered office: that the PPP/C Government had raided the treasury and bled it dry; “no money” was the cry then. But these fools, who want to make fools out of us, failed to realise that, after two months in power, they raised their salaries and emoluments by 50%, and the question rings clear: Where did that money come from? It did not drop out of the clear blue sky; it was money left in the treasury by a prudent management team called the PPP/C.
So there are no excuses, absolutely none, that they could come up with to prove to anyone that they could not have carried out capital projects safely through to completion. It was just a case of the fulfillment of the proverb (Caribbean Version) “peeing in our eyes and calling it rain.” The PNC have to face up to the facts that they were busy “thiefing” an election as well as stealing from the People of Guyana; and for that, they must atone.
Even more distressing is the fact that Jordan must give us answers to the whereabouts and/or use of our first oil money. Where is the US$18M, Jordan? We want it! It is our money, not the foolishness you gave that you thought that it was a gift to your party. And must I add we are coming after you to get it? Don’t you, like Mingo when he was rigging the election, feign high blood pressure or diabetes or the other sickness that brings looseness of bowels; we want our sovereign wealth, and we are going to get it!
So, in closing, that foolish talking of the APNU not having funds to get work done needs to be wiped clean out of their thoughts. The people of Guyana are not fools, we can see straight through their evil transgressions.

Neil Adams