Constant power outages costly for Essequibians – Councillor

People’s Progressive Party Councillor Humace Odit has said that Essequibians are very disappointed at the Guyana Power and Light’s (GPL’s) unreliable power supplied over the past few months in Region Two (E/bo Coast).

He is also contending that the sudden switch from 50 cycles to 60 cycles is “costing residents a fortune”.

Speaking at the Regional Democratic Council’s statutory meeting for the month of August, Odit said the current situation in Region Two is “very frustrating”.

He said there are daily power outages affecting the region for 2 to 3 hours and creating extra burdens on residents and the business community, forcing persons to find alternatives to preserving their perishable items.

Odit also contends that because the changeover from 50 cycles to 60 cycles was not adequately publicized, many residents were made to incur additional expenses. He noted that he has had to purchase new bulbs for his home, since the sudden change in the cycle had damaged the previous ones.

“If residents were informed about the change, they could have been prepared. The bulbs cannot withstand the high voltage from the sudden 60 cycle switch, and as such they blow,” Odit explained.

Other Opposition councillors supported Odit’s contentions and called on Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson to speed up the process of acquiring the new generators and having them commissioned earlier than the expected time. These councillors described as unacceptable what they contend residents are facing.

Regional Vice Chairperson Nandranie Coonjah also said many persons had met her and vented their frustrations. She said housewives are daily dumping loads of perishables because of the unreliable supply of power.

Persons living in the northern section of the Essequibo Coast have only recently been made to endure nearly three days of power outage. They opine that pressure from the business community forced GPL to install an extra generator set in Region 2. The power company is also currently converting the 50 cycle to 60 cycles, and according to residents, the project lacks sensitization (Indrawattie Natram)