Construction worker still seeking justice after Valentine’s Day stabbing

— says Police still to arrest attacker

More than five months after being stabbed in his back and sustaining spinal injuries, a West Berbice, Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice) construction worker is still to get justice.

The injured man, Knujbeharry Persaud, has difficulty walking

Twenty-four-year-old Knujbeharry Persaud of Plantation Waterloo, West Coast Berbice, Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice) related that after a trip to the airport, he stayed overnight at a friend’s home on February 13.
The following day, Valentine’s Day, they started to imbibe. At about 16:00h that afternoon, he recalled a young man joined them.
“He took a glass and started to drink. I did not pay him any mind because I was already drunk and decide to go and sleep. So, I go on the chair and relax.”
Persaud said at that point he was disturbed as persons began throwing things on him. He could not say who it was but decided to leave and go home.
“When I walking out to the gate to go, and reach by the gate, this guy walk and come behind me and he throw the shine thing on me.”

The injury to Knujbeharry Persaud’s back

Persaud said he questioned why he was being targeted and his attacker then threw something at him which got into his eyes, making it impossible for him to see.
“I slammed into a tank and when I fall on the ground, he stab me in my back,” he recounted.
Persaud said he immediately lost sensation in his legs. He was rushed to the hospital, while his attacker fled the scene.
Two bones were fractured in his back and there is a bruise to his spine. This resulted in him having to undergo two surgeries over the past months. His injuries have now made it difficult for him to walk.
After being released from the hospital, he sought assistance from the police to capture his attacker but his efforts have so far been unsuccessful.
“I tell the police where he working and they tell me if they go there and they don’t find him what they should do.”
Things have changed for Persaud, who is appealing to the police to bring his attacker to justice.
“This is bear pressure on me. Right now, I would be glad to start to walk back normal,” he lamented.
According to the 24-year-old man, he wants to be able to travel again.
“Right now, I can’t do that. My feet get numb because of the wound in my back. There is swelling inside my back. So, I have to wait until that goes down. Right now, my feet are numb. Some mornings, I wake up and it is normal but some other mornings, it is numb.”
Persaud said he is currently spending about $20,000 monthly for medication, which he needs but cannot get through the public health system.
Meanwhile, Regional Commander, Superintendent Yonette Stephen has since promised to investigate the matter. (G4)