Cop under close arrest over alleged assault on civilian

The cop at the scene of the incident

The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) has initiated an investigation into an incident involving a Police Sergeant, who allegedly assaulted a civilian on Saturday.
The Guyana Police Force stated that the sergeant is under close arrest and is cooperating with the investigation. The incident took place around 11:45h at the intersection of Camp and Church Streets, Georgetown.
According to reports, the sergeant, armed with a firearm, allegedly assaulted the civilian in an apparent road rage incident between the duo. The civilian was armed with a cutlass.

The civilian with the cutlass

Videos recorded by passersby, which later went viral on social media, showed a confrontation between the sergeant and the civilian. In the footage, the confrontation escalated, and the officer pulled out a firearm and strikes the civilian in the face.
The civilian then walks to his car, retrieves a cutlass, and begins brandishing it. In response, the sergeant points his weapon at the civilian and allegedly says, “Do sk**nt.”
Bystanders intervened, prompting the officer to holster his weapon. The civilian subsequently returned to his car and placed the cutlass in the trunk. A report was later filed at the Alberttown Police Station, and the civilian has undergone a medical examination.
The investigation is ongoing as the OPR seeks to ascertain the full details of the incident. (G9)