“We’re not losing track” of promises made to improve lives – VP Jagdeo

…says contract for 40KM of 4-lane road in Region 6 to be awarded soon
…hundreds of community roads in Berbice to also be fixed

The government is presently rolling out an ambitious infrastructure programme across the country, including in Berbice which will soon see a contract being awarded to build 40 kilometers of four lane roads.
This was according to Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo, during his most recent press conference when he spoke of the administration’s infrastructure investments in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).
These range from constructing a four-lane highway in Berbice to the construction of a stadium in the region. Government has previously spoken of its plans to spend approximately US$400 Million on a four-lane highway between New Amsterdam and Moleson Creek, while works have already started at the Berbice Stadium and multipurpose centre at Palmyra.
“We’re now awarding a contract for 40 kilometers of four lane roads, in Berbice. And that would be awarded shortly. As I said before, the stadium. The incentives we’re giving, opening up more land. You would see hotels, a lot of private investments. Shopping malls, etc,” he said.
He also spoke of works being done on the community roads in Berbice. According to Jagdeo, work will be done on not only hundreds of community roads, but play grounds as well in the ancient county.
“In New Amsterdam itself, we’re fixing all the roads in Berbice. All the community roads in Berbice. This year another 300. And every single area. We have 125 playgrounds in Berbice… 75 are being upgraded now,” Jagdeo explained.
“So, we’re not losing track of the people that we made promises to. And we’re never going to lose track of those who we pledged to work hard for to improve their lives… we need to make sure that we keep working for the people who matter most.”
In October last year, the Public Works Ministry had signed contracts totaling $8.8 Billion for road works in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne). Most of those who were awarded contracts on Wednesday are new contractors.
The contracts to build 287 concrete roads in Region Six were awarded to 201 contractors. Of these contractors, 192 were new contractors. This represents 95.5 percent. It had been explained at the time that all of the 287 roads would be built with concrete.
The Guyana Government’s expansive development strategy has also seen a planned investment exceeding $120 billion for several completed and future four-lane highways. In the expansion of road networks is the Eccles to Great Diamond Interlink Road, pegged at $5 billion for 5.6 kilometres of roadway, which was commissioned in 2021.
In 2022, the $2.8 billion Mandela Avenue to Eccles four-lane Highway was commissioned, followed by the commissioning of the $13.4 billion Eccles to Great Diamond Highway in December 2023.
Works are progressing on the Schoonord to Crane Highway, as well as on the $10.4 billion Great Diamond to Buzz Bee Dam Road. The $80.4 billion Buz Bee Dam to Land of Canaan roadway and $40.5 billion Land of Canaan to Soesdyke Highway are in the design phase.
In Budget 2024, billions of dollars have been allocated towards the completion of ongoing and new highway projects across the country, thereby opening new routes and keeping traffic jams at a minimum.
Meanwhile, the Palmyra Stadium is a project of the Greater Guyana Initiative partners (ExxonMobil, HESS and CNOOC), to the tune of $3.7 billion, and it has a 2025 completion date. The Stadium is set to be a multipurpose facility.
After the launching last year, an artist’s impression of the Palmyra Stadium was unveiled, and President Dr Irfaan Ali had planted a tree to commemorate the launching of the construction of the Berbice Stadium. A number of cricketers who were present also planted trees in this regard. This Palmyra Stadium is slated to have a capacity of 10,000.