Cost of living is manageable now

Dear Editor,
I do not profess to have an Economics degree, but I am well read and capable of distinguishing factual from fictitious and suspect writing.
Recently, I came across a piece which I read online, titled “Rising cost of living”. Editor, the piece had some salient points which I agree with, but the major premise of the cost of living increasing or rising now does not find favour with me.
The cost of living in Guyana is not rising astronomically, as the article leaves the readers thinking. The opposite is happening, since this new model of financing and economics has been employed by the experts at the Ministry of Finance.
The cut-throat taxes have been reduced, making it very easy for customers to afford many basic items which they are accustomed to. The value-added tax policy has been changed by the Government because it was hurting poor families. From a microeconomic standpoint, every single area has been significantly altered. Just look at the key industries and the sectors, for example.
I also disagree that “life is hard for the ordinary man”, because there are many opportunities available in education, health, agriculture and local government. All one needs to do is to take advantage of these opportunities and one begins to open up the door towards a better life.
Do not listen to the gossip being bandied around. Life in Guyana isn’t hard, but the Government can do much more to decrease the level of unemployment, decrease poverty while raising the standard of living for all Guyanese, regardless of where you stand on the political aisle.
And these reporters or writers must do their research, in order to get a good understanding of what they are seeking to enlighten the public about. I am sure the writer could have spoken to some ordinary folk, who would tell them about the real deal in the pre-2020 economy. The rich were getting richer and the poor were getting poorer, while the politicians in power were the real “fats cats” in our society.
As a humble citizen, I say things are not worse off than what was happening, but things in the case of Guyana are a little easier and better for the normal citizen.

Yours truly,
Alvin Hamilton