Cove and John Ashram assists Mahaicony fire victims

The Cove and John Ashram, located on the East Coast of Demerara, on Saturday donated several household items, groceries, tables, chairs and a quantity of cash to the Mahaicony family who were recently affected by a fire.

The couple, Jairanie and Nalinie Singh, whose house was completely gutted on

 Jairam and Nalinie Singh
Jairam and Nalinie Singh

March 15, 2017 while they were attending a wake, explained that they with still coming to grips with the entire situation, which has left them homeless. According

to reports, the fire originated from an electrical wire.

The Singhs were unable to save anything from their home; however, they remain optimistic that their situation would improve, as according to Mr Singh, their dream for Christmas was to be living in their own house with their family. They explained too that it was devastating to witness 20 years of hard work engulfed in flames.

The Ashram, upon learning of the tragedy, decided to extend its humanitarian hand. According to Swami Shivashankaranadaji Maharaj, the couple’s eldest son,

Swami Shivashankaranadaji Maharaj making the donation
Swami Shivashankaranadaji Maharaj making the donation

who was a student at the Hindu College, informed the Ashram about the fire, and as such, members decided to render assistance.

The Swami, during his visit, encouraged the family to have faith and reminded them that where there was a way, there was a will. He pledged the Ashram’s support towards helping the family until they could get back on their feet.

The Singh family expressed gratitude for the timely donation; however, they also appealed to members of the public to assist them in whatever way they could to help them to rebuild their home. The couple has three children and the family is presently staying at a relative’s home.