CRG condemns the call for an insurrection!

Dear Editor,
The recent news in the press of those inviting an uprising within our beautiful and peaceful land is indicative of a reckless act undertaken by cowards who lack the capacity to resolve their problems peacefully.
We, as a nation, must be cautious not to embrace violence within our Guyanese Family. The dispute over the Essequibo is yet to be resolved, and as we all know, when there is inner fighting, the external enemy will see it as an opportunity to attack. There is sufficient wealth for all to prosper. We must discard those leaders whose greed for wealth and power will bring bloodshed.
The horrors of the Wismar Massacre must never be repeated within our peaceful land. The healing has yet to occur, and the teaching of that horrific event has yet to be taught within our schools. We must teach each generation the history of our people, so that the mistakes of the past are not repeated.
The Chambers of the Attorney General must take swift action to end the call for violence within our land. Those who would put at risk the security of our nation and encourage others to disregard the rule of law must face the consequences of their actions. Domestic terrorism is on the rise, and those responsible must face the full extent of the law.
Our nation will prosper if peace is maintained, but if there is civil war, many hardships will return to our country. Parliament is the chosen venue for discussion, debate, and the resolution of our disputes. If effectively used, many disagreements will be resolved.

With utmost
Jamil Changlee
The Cooperative
Republicans of