Region 10 Chairman should be condemned for his action

Dear Editor,
The Region 10 Chairman should be condemned for his action on Sunday, 7th May, 2023, during the Linden Mashramani celebrations. No one is above the law, and the Police must not allow this type of lawlessness to continue. The Regional Chairman should, and must, be charged for obstructing the flow of traffic, and refusing to obey instructions given to him by a senior rank of the Guyana Police Force to remove the vehicle which he was driving, which he parked across the roadway.
This type of behaviour must not, and should not, be condoned. What example is he showing to our young people in this Region? People of this nature should not, and must not, be allowed to manage and lead our people.
This type of action demonstrated by the Regional Chairman would deter potential investors in our town and Region, because they would continue to look at Linden as a high-risk area for investment. I highly condemn his action, and all decent and right-thinking people of Linden should do the same.
Poor political decisions by members of the major Opposition party have set back the development of Linden and Region 10 in the past, and I urge the people of this very important Region, especially Linden, not to allow this to recur.
We need to change the landscape of Linden and Region 10, and I urge you to help us to do so.
I want to also take this opportunity to express my dissatisfaction at the poor management of the Linden municipality pertaining to poor disposal of garbage; potholes; illegal structures being erected all over the town, with no action being taken; no proper town planning. This situation must change, and you, the people of Linden, can make the change, and you have the golden opportunity to change it, come June 12th 2023, when we go to the polls for Local Government Elections.

Andrew Forsythe
PPP Regional
Coordinator –
Region 10