Criminal gang strikes again in Good Hope

– suspected ringleader apprehended

By: Romario Samaroo

The suspected leader of an infamous gang has been arrested in connection with a recent attack on two

Michael Basdeo, latest victim of the gang
Michael Basdeo, latest victim of the gang

families of Good Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD) on Saturday.
Two families living at Lot 81 Good Hope, ECD were the latest victims of a series of attacks in the community.
Michael Basdeo, who was home at the time recalled what transpired. The bandits entered the home through a louver window after removing several panes around 02:30h. He is of the belief that the thieves had used sleeping gas to put his family in a state of unconscious stupor, making them unaware of what was happening around them.
He explained that the criminals escaped with well over a million dollars’ worth of a quantity of laptops, cash, watches, televisions, music systems, cell phones and household appliances, all of which were purportedly packed into his car that they also stole.
Basdeo recalled that after he had awoken he noticed a lot of things in the home were missing and immediately rushed downstairs to see if his Toyota NZE with registration plate PLL 8602 was there. It was not.
After an alarm was raised, Basdeo found that the occupants of the bottom flat were also oblivious as to what transpired, lending credibility to his ‘gas’ theory. The occupants of the bottom flat found it strange that with all the commotion including dogs barking, they did not awaken, as would be normal for them. Fortunately for them nothing else were stolen except the clothes on the line.
Upon examining the yard, the family discovered that the criminals had left behind their clothes.
Basdeo summoned the police then conducted a search in the neighboring community. He retrieved his mangled car abandoned on Market Street, Annandale. The bandits had crashed Basdeo’s car into a stall and

Basdeo’s abandoned car mangled on Market Road, Annandale
Basdeo’s abandoned car mangled on Market Road, Annandale

made good of their escape.
However, individuals around the area who witnessed the accident described the occupants who exited the vehicle as the “notorious saltfish gang,” and pointed the police and Basdeo in the direction of their home in Annandale.
When Basdeo and the Police arrived at the residence, a number of his personal belongings were discovered in the home and the persons living there were taken into custody.
Among those arrested were Gaitri Kadar, 48, of Lot 14 Annandale, ECD.
When Guyana Times contacted the Beterverwagting Police Station, the ranks confirmed that the woman was transferred from the Vigilance Police Station on a possession of stolen articles charge as Basdeo’s property was discovered in her home.
“This well-known gang which operates on the East Coast are no strangers to the police” Basdeo added, “but this is the first time they were actually caught with articles in their possession.”
It seemed as if the gang was getting out of control, having robbed several homes in the community within the week, including Basdeo’s neighbour.
The gang reportedly made up of a mother and six sons, allegedly commits their crimes by administers sleeping gas to their victims in order to escape comfortably with their booty.