Culture Youth and Sport Ministry to host virtual “Talent Search”

The Culture Youth and Sport Ministry has come up with another innovative yet fun way to keep celebrations alive amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
This time, the Ministry announced the launch of its virtual “Talent Search”.
Based on the video uploaded on the Ministry’s social media page, the competition is open to all Guyanese entertainment performers.
These include singers, dancers, jugglers and musicians. Persons desirous of participating in the competition can submit their one-minute audition videos along with their name, age and location on or before February 20, 2021, to the Ministry.
Once they are selected, they will be invited to a live audition, where all COVID-19 protocols will be observed.
According to the advertisement, finalists will be required to perform at a live-streamed concert for a chance to win a grand prize. At present, the grand prize has not yet been announced.
Nevertheless, the criteria for entry specified that contestants must be willing to attend a face-to-face audition, participate in the virtual aspect of the competition and adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines. Notwithstanding, all contestants must be Guyanese.
Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has made efforts to continue all activities in the safest and most adaptive ways possible.
Just last September, the Ministry had hosted its “One Guyana” virtual concert.
The concert was broadcast live and heaped up more than 50,000 views on social media.
“One Guyana” was also broadcast live on the National Communications Network (NCN), HJTV, LT Rock, and E-Networks and aired on Boom FM and other radio stations around the country.
The virtual show was focused on highlighting Guyanese talent and promoting unity following the tragic death of Isaiah and Joel Henry and Haresh Singh.
Performances included Guyana’s very own Jumo Primo, Timeka Marshall, Saiku, Samuel Medas, Bunty Singh, Steven Ramphal, Vanilla, Vanita Willie, Poonam, Calvin Burnette, Brandon Harding, Professor, Alabama, and Whiz Phillips.