Cyclist dies after colliding with motor car

A pedal cyclist is the country’s latest road fatality after the bicycle he was riding collided with a motorcar at Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara, on Saturday evening.

Dead: Lennox Collette

Dead is 20-year-old Lennox Collette of Lot 4 Public Road, Land of Canaan, EBD.
Based on reports received, at about 21:00h on the night in question, a motor car driven by a 24-year-old man collided with Collette.
Reports are that the driver of the vehicle was travelling on the Western carriageway when Collette rode out of a nearby “cross-street” and into his path, thus resulting in the collision.
Collette would have fallen onto the bonnet of the vehicle as a result of the impact and subsequently landed on the roadway.
According to the police, the driver exited his vehicle and rushed to aid the injured man, who was in an unconscious state. He picked up the injured man and took him to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where he was admitted for emergency treatment.
However, he succumbed to his injuries while receiving medical attention. A breathalyser test was conducted on the driver of the motorcar but results reflected that the young man was not driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.
He is presently in Police custody assisting with investigations.
On January 10, 79-year-old Francis Lopes of 154 Seventh Street North, Enmore, ECD, met his demise after he was crushed by a motor lorry on the Enmore Railway Embankment Public Road, East Coast Demerara (ECD).
It was reported that on the day in question at about 12:35h, the lorry was proceeding along the Enmore Railway Embankment Road when the driver stopped to make a purchase at a roadside snackette.
The driver allegedly told investigators that on completion of his purchase, he re-entered the truck and checked to see that the road was clear before driving off.
He reportedly stated that he saw nothing and as he as driving off, he felt an impact on the rear wheel.
The driver reportedly stopped the vehicle and exited to ascertain what had happened. That was when he discovered the pedal cyclist’s lifeless body on the roadway.
According to information, Lopes’ skull had been crushed and there were other visible injuries to his body.
It is alleged that Lopes had been riding out of a nearby yard onto the public road when he met his demise.