Elderly man allegedly beaten by son’s employer over stolen money

Seventy-two-year-old Ramsahoye Deochan is now hospitalised following a brutal beating he received at the hands of his son’s employer over stolen money. The beating reportedly occurred on Sunday morning at his Strathspey, East Coast Demerara home.

Ramsahoye Deochan at GPHC

According to reports received, the elderly man’s son, while being employed at a business in Strathspey, ECD reportedly stole an undisclosed sum of money and a gold chain belonging to the owner. He was, however, confronted by the boss and others during which he was severely beaten. Ever since, he has gone into hiding, leaving his father at the mercy of the men.
Randy Deochan, the injured man’s grandson, when contacted on Sunday explained that at about 02:00h on the day in question, he received a telephone call informing him that someone had broken into his grandfather’s house, and was destroying everything in the top and bottom flat.

Some of Dechan’s injuries

Upon arriving at the scene, he learnt that it was the business owner, his son and three other men who came in search of his uncle, who remains in hiding.
“The owner of deals of electronics accused Rovin [uncle] of stealing cash and a gold chain. They caught him and beat him and while collecting the beating, he managed to escape. The owner, his cousin and a friend along with the youngest son went and damage everything in the house. Break all the windows everything”, he explained.
He further added, “I was told that the friend along with the small son did the beating and breaking upstairs while the owner and his cousin did the breaking up downstairs. The black and blue on my grandfather’s belly and leg is from the beating he received from a mop stick. His wife saying that they used an amplifier to hit him in his head”.
The elderly man is said to be partially disabled, since he had a stroke which has left the right side of his body paralysed.
“He has stroke on the right side of his body which makes him somewhat handicap because he can hardly move. He now has head injuries; the nurse is saying it is caused from being beaten in the head with an amplifier… I can’t see how they could beat a man in this condition,” the angry grandson related.
Meanwhile, the family said they made several reports to the police but their complaints are been ignored.
“When I return, I carried the son and daughter-in-law that was downstairs to make their report and give statements but the police at Vigilance just tell them to go home, that a report already made. They told the police that the owner of the store is home. The patrol vehicle did show up but just drove pass slowly in front the store without even stopping.”
Attempts to contact the Commander for a comment proved futile.