Da Silva’s House of Optics testing eyes of players & Umpires

According to a release from the Blairmont Cricket Club (BCC), Da Silva’s House of Optics has partnered with them the to assist in maintaining and examining the eyes of club members and officials.

The Executives of the West Bank Berbice club know it is vital to have good vision when playing and umpiring cricket. Da Silva House of optics is located at DeEdward Village West Coast Berbice and the Head Office is located on Middle Street, Georgetown.

DeSilva’s House of Optics has pledged to give free annual examinations to the club members and officials.

The Vice-President of BCC Govindaraj Khan thanked Dr Randall De Santos for contributing towards the club initiative to improve the vision of their officials and players and assured it’s the way to go.

The BCC urged sister clubs, cricket boards and match officials to get players and umpires tested today to further improve their performances in the sport at any Da Silva’s House of Optics branch.