David Granger must do the right thing

Dear Editor,
The APNU/PNC/AFC Government is cruel. This Government has always ignored the welfare of Guyanese. This is why this government has lost the elections. Indeed, the SOPs show that David Granger has lost the elections. The world knows this. But he is bullying his way to remain in power by traumatizing this country in a long drawn – out court battle to benefit from the infamous electoral fraud that took place at GECOM. David Granger has to be blamed for Guyana’s unpreparedness for the COVID -19 pandemic. This is the cruelty Guyanese face under David Granger.
No decent human being will ever want to benefit from electoral fraud and much less at a time when the world is facing a deadly pandemic. But David Granger is cruelly and barefacedly doing so. Fraud has become fashion in this country because of the dysfunctional values modelled by David Ganger.
Of course, this government has had knowledge about the deadly COVID-19 virus for months now but David Granger chooses to remain in power illegally by using our scarce tax dollars to defend a string of frauds in our courts instead of freeing up resources to fight the deadly COVID-19 outbreak which has reached our shores. Lives are going to be lost senselessly because of the cruelty by David Granger. Obviously, David Granger does not care a hoot about our lives.
David Granger prefers to cruelly watch Guyanese die while he spins propaganda to deceive the world that someone else is responsible for the problems which he creates for Guyana. David Granger is 100% responsible for our problems. David Arthur Granger is not only cruel but he is downright disrespectful. David Granger must do the right thing by immediately conceding the elections and allowing the rightful government to fight the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Dr Annie Baliram