Jagdeo praised for leadership reminiscent of Black American leaders on vote count

Dear Editor,
The PPP General Secretary (leader) has been praised for outstanding leadership in handling boldfaced attempts at electoral fraud in the vote count post March 2 elections. Bharrat Jagdeo is popular at home and abroad among Guyanese and among Caribbean leaders and other West Indian people who know him. The PPP leader has won acclaim for his handling of the attempted election rigging.
Jagdeo worked tirelessly for the vote count. Faced with this electoral fraud crisis unprecedented in Guyana’s modern history, Jagdeo has risen to the challenge with decisive action in uniting the Opposition. The public notes that he has brought undoubted ability, dynamism, credibility, and leadership in this post-election crisis. Some commented that his kind of leadership was hardly experienced during the many election crises in the country going back to the 1960s. Jagdeo has assumed much responsibility in fighting electoral fraud as the great Black civil rights leaders in America did and has done so successfully. He has brought to the Opposition the skill, commitment, perseverance, and determination shown during his twelve years in the presidency in championing this cause.
The public salutes the qualities and calibre of Jagdeo’s leadership that Guyanese American intellects say is reminiscent of the fight of Black American civil rights leaders to combat voter fraud. The Guyanese public, at home and in America, says his several appearances were executed with great distinction and his statements were on point and pellucid on his demand for every vote to be counted. He spoke with certitude about the attempted voter fraud. He demonstrated courage to stand up to fraud and said what needs to be said during the ongoing struggle – let every vote count. This is reminiscent of the struggle in America where Black politicians fought for the vote of Blacks to be counted during the period of Jim Crow rule. Whites used to disenfranchise Blacks and the Black political leadership fought hard to get the votes of Blacks to be counted. In the latest election in Guyana, there are brazen attempts to disenfranchise voters, and Jagdeo is leading the public struggle to get every ballot counted correctly while charismatic star lawyer Anil Nandlall leads a battery of lawyers in court to force GECOM to count the votes accurately. Other political figures from the minor parties, not the least being Timothy Jonas, Ralph Ramkarran, Asha Kissoon, Rhonda Ann-Lam, Vishnu Bandhu, Lenox Shuman, Robert Badal, among others are also applauded for their role in the battle for a fair electoral count.
The public is enamoured by Jagdeo’s leadership skills. And the majority of the nation is behind Jagdeo and the leaders of the small parties. They note that he and spokespersons of small parties told the public not what it wanted to hear but facts about the electoral outcome and their party’s position. The people feel that the struggle for a fair vote outcome will succeed or fail on the basis of Jagdeo’s leadership and his skill in keeping the Opposition together on the vote count.
It is noted that Jagdeo has served as Opposition Leader at the right time. He has brought his considerable political skills and experience to save the day for the Opposition. No one was better suited for this battle of fighting against voter fraud than Jagdeo. He has withstood enormous pressure put up by the other side. He faced the challenges with bluster and force. It is noted that anyone else would have crumbled under such intense pressure. People say his vote count speeches came across as articulate, sharp, witty, and intellectual, and that he spoke with resilience and confidence.
The Guyanese public appeals to the authorities to allow a proper vote count in Guyana as the White politicians did in America when Blacks were robbed of their votes. Electoral banditry of Black votes ended in America. Inaccurate vote count must end in Guyana!

Yours truly,
Vishnu Bisram