Deep-shore harbour port a great opportunity

Dear Editor,
In the lead-up to the budget discussion, the Surinamese have expressed an interest in a joint venture to develop the shore base aspects of the oil & gas sector to the benefit of both nations.
The proposed new deep shore harbour port project in budget 2021 provides an excellent opportunity to directly link a major project to revenue streams, while also reducing the investment risk via the addition of a strong partner.
Although a major undertaking that will pull significant resources and manpower, by bringing the Surinamese onboard, we would be able to add expertise and share the cost of the investment.
The deal may be structured in a way that allocates a percentage of capacity to the Surinamese at cost for utilisation. The positive impact on the local labour market, the development of local skills, and the margin capture due to increased vertical integration in the sector should easily produce a positive return on investment for Guyana.

Best regards,
Jamil Changlee