Delayed cremation

Dear Editor,
HH Swami Aksharanandaji’s recent letter highlighting the abominable and incomprehensible actions of one Mr Gary Hinds who used his “position” and authority – imagined or real – to cause a significant delay in a cremation ceremony on April 18, 2022, at the Kaashi Daam Cremation Site has caused my blood to boil.
It is quite disappointing that the hundreds of mourners and sympathisers present did not ignore this misguided individual and proceed with the last rites of the deceased person and adapt a more Hanumanji-like stance. Perhaps a reminder of the noncombative and peaceful nature of Hindus generally.
As a Hindu, I am deeply incensed and now add my call to the Ministry of Health to break their silence and issue an official statement on this matter and particularly to advise what disciplinary action has been taken or will be meted out to this patently “power-drunk” individual.
I urge the immediate family of the deceased individual to lodge an official complaint with the Ministry of Health, the Region 3 authorities, and the appropriate NDC.
Editor, I am asking through your medium if it is possible to request the Ministry and other appropriate authorities to issue an official response on this matter.

Yours sincerely,
Chris Persaud