Ferry service disrupted as no Plan B in place

Dear Editor,
Pulling a ferry out of service for purposes not related to its core function, that is, the provision of river transportation for commuters. without it seems a Plan B, resulting, it is alleged, in the disruption of the service and passengers left stranded (News Room April 25), is the level of incompetence the public is subjected to on a daily basis from those who provide public service.
Surely the boat cruise was known in advance to the authorities. It did not happen suddenly.
It would have been thought that if a ferry, out of a fleet of two, it seems, servicing the route, is pulled, then a relief captain and crew would be in place to take over, ensuring smooth sailing and continuity of operations and passengers and the traveling public would not have been left disadvantage and stranded. It was unconscionable to expect the one captain and crew to work all day without relief.
Are the small, little things being subsumed by the big, mega things, and members of the public are made collateral damage? The authorities should issue an apology to the public for the inconvenience caused by their callous attitude.

Shamshun Mohamed