Deliver credible, correct results for March 2, 2020 elections

Dear Editor,
I was, on March 2, 2020, two weeks too young to vote at our national and regional elections. If I had met the age, I would have voted for the PPP/C. Please don’t blame me for doing that on the basis of race, since my DNA is deep in many races: East Indian, African, Arab, Amerindian, Portuguese, and God knows what more.
I would have done so because I followed the campaign of all the political parties on social media, the print and electronic media. I also did my research on elections issues and governments prior to and after Guyana’s Independence in 1966.
For the recent elections, the PPP/C ran a far superior campaign. The candidates on their list are younger, diverse, and educated. Their contents and policies were practical, with a clear vision. Their appeal to the younger generation was more welcoming.
On the other side, the APNU/AFC campaign was more rhetoric-based. Their main focus was on Mr. Granger, their presidential candidate; and on baseless, untruthful, lowly, personal attacks of Mr. Jagdeo and Dr. Ali.
From my research and discussions with the elderly, with whom I communicate frequently, I was provided with some very disturbing information on rigged elections in Guyana. I found out that during the Cold War period, the West was in total support of the PNC, and so they plotted, supported and concocted schemes to keep Mr. L.F.S Burnham in power.
They turned a blind eye on Mr. Burnham’s total abuse of power. Guyana’s economy crumbled, political opponents were killed and banished, fear and uncertainty gripped the society, banditry became the order of the day, goods and basic merchandise were banned, foreign currency was in short supply, and people migrated in massive numbers.
Guyana was given the status of the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, and the finance Minister during that time declared Guyana a bankrupted state!
With the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the failure of the communist ideology, a New World Order was brought to the shores of Guyana. Mr. Burnham subsequently died, and Mr. Hoyte took power with the most blatantly rigged elections Guyana has ever seen. He won by approximately 80% of the votes cast on December 9, 1985.
In spite of that, he started an Economic Recovery Programme and returned to the Co-op Society, shops and market places many of the banned goods. he encouraged investors and entrepreneurship. He also jailed Mr. Burnham’s strongman Rabbi Washington. He expelled one of the Kabaka’s prime ministers from the echelons of the PNC – Mr. Green – and he removed Mr. Corbin for alleged wrongdoings.
Mr. Hoyte leaned more on, and became friendly with, the East Indians, and this angered many of the African leaders. Thus, the country started to show economic gains.
In 1992, the West intervened and Guyana had its first democratic elections after 28 years of rigged elections. H.E. Dr. Cheddi Bharat Jagan was sworn in as the President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. it was indeed one of the greatest moments for most Guyanese. The PPP/C ruled for 23 years, and made significant progress in commerce and economics. The lives of the people improved significantly, even the ethnic divide was greatly improved. Regrettably, they became complacent, and coupled with wrongdoings, lost power.
In 2015, the APNU/AFC won the elections, and their 5 years were once again disastrous. They violated the Constitution of Guyana in the most blatant of ways. They widened the racial gap; the economy plummeted into crisis; they closed sugar estates without doing an impact assessment; poverty increased; crime became rampant, and hope gradually diminished.
After the successful passage of a no-confidence motion in Parliament on December 21, 2018, and enormous pressure from the foreign and local powers, an election date was eventually set for March 2, 2020.
For the 2020 elections, Guyana has seen an unprecedented large contingent of foreign and local observers. They were eventually bamboozled, stripped of their observer status, humiliated and embarrassed by members of the APNU/AFC. They have since left the country.
Three weeks have now passed, and we cannot get the results of the elections. Like so many eminent persons locally and abroad, I, too, humbly call on the GECOM Chairwoman, Justice (retd) Claudette Singh, the executive of GECOM and our supreme courts to deliver the correct results of our March 2, 2020 national and regional elections.
May God Almighty shower His guidance and mercy on all of us.

Hadiyyah Mohamed