Congratulations to Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali as the President-elect of Guyana

Dear Editor,
I offer my congratulations to President-elect Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, the Presidential Candidate of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C). Based on the publicly declared statements of poll (SoPs) for District No. 4, I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the PPP/C won the 2020 General and Regional Elections in Guyana.
District No. 4 had 879 polling stations. At each station, the votes were counted and the Presiding Officer (PO) documented those results on the SoP. The original SoP is secure for the Returning Officer. The PO also prepared several carbon copies of the original SoP, which are distributed to the political parties present (mainly APNU and PPP/C), the Police, and one copy is secured for the Chief Elections Officer (CEO) of GECOM. The PO also safeguards one copy for their personal records.
Additionally, one of these carbon copies of the SoP is posted immediately outside of the polling station, close to the entrance, for the public to study and photograph, if necessary (This is what I meant by the phrase “publicly declared”). In other words, as soon as the count is completed, the results are available for anyone to view.
The results for the other nine regions (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) were declared and accepted by both parties and reflected a tally of 152,121 votes for the PPP/C and 100,682 for APNU; a lead of 51,439. So, for the APNU to win these elections, they had to secure a lead of more than 51,439 votes in District No. 4. Awkwardly, for the APNU, based on the SoPs in the public domain, they did not win District No. 4 by more than 35,000 votes. In basic arithmetic, 35,000 can never be greater than 51,439.
I am well aware that the Returning Officer for District No. 4 attempted to produce some bogus number, but those numbers were arrived at from a process that did not follow Article 84 of the Representation of the People Act, Chapter 1:03. Rather, he invented a bogus administrative process outside of the law, to utilize an illegitimate spreadsheet to dictate a fabricated tally for the witnesses to the process, which was objected to passionately.
Therefore, I found it almost comical that the General Secretary of the APNU, Mr. Harmon, had the audacity to state in a press conference of March 26, 2020, that “APNU stand guided by what the GECOM CEO submitted to the Commission on March 14, 2020, the final report for the Commission’s consideration”.
On what basis did the CEO of GECOM prepare this report, since the process to ascertain and tabulate the count was never completed in accordance with the law?
The audio and video recording will show that the CEO of GECOM was part of the process when the Returning Officer went rogue. What we all saw was a public officer inventing the process as he went along, on many occasions acting outside of the law and totally disregarding the orders of the Chief Justice.
There is no need to repeat what the entire world saw, but it is a wonderment that the CEO saw any merit in any part of the bogus process perpetuated on this nation by a rogue Returning Officer. It is almost like a pathological scoundrel being called upon to count the church tithe.
What convinces me even more that the PPP/C won these elections is the reaction of APNU to this entire situation. These two rascal entities are trying their utmost to make everything more obscure and opaque for the people of Guyana around these elections results.
Does this strike you like the behaviour of people committed to accountability, the rule of law and transparency, and who have won elections in a free and fair manner?
From the empirical evidence in my possession, both documentarily and optically (as witnessed in the tabulation rooms of the RO), Mr. Mingo did not follow the requirement of Article 84 of the Representation of the People Act, Chapter 1:03 which requires him to “ascertain the total votes cast in favour of each list in the district by adding up the votes recorded in favour of the list in accordance with the SoPs….” The video and audio records will illustrate that Mr. Mingo used a spreadsheet to declare his respective numbers.
Mr. Mingo never had an opening balance at the beginning of the process, and never declared an ending balance at the end of any of the sessions. The bottom line is that Mr. Mingo exhibited gross ignorance of basic arithmetic and the art of reconciliation, which illustrated how unfit he was for the role be was inserted.
What he did exhibit was how to raise your voice; how to knock your hands on a desk loudly to introduce fear into a room, and how to bully people in his presence. But none of these are skillsets necessary to function as a Returning Officer. In a normal society, he would have been charged for mental abuse and threatening, animalistic behaviour.
But this is Guyana! So, in the final analysis, congratulations, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, as the President-elect of Guyana!

Sasenarine Singh