Dem extremists, propagandists and hero-worshippers deh pon am again!

If you have not noticed, may I inform you that there has been an unctuous switch among the mollycoddle extremists, predatory propagandists, and the surfeit of supporters of this regime from hero-worshipping to undulating criticisms? Such a political chameleon is most welcoming. It is better to be late than never.
What is amusing, however, is that when reading the commentaries of these people above, some self-claimed activists and some supporting activists like themselves (active inbreeding), one could only be convinced that if the moral and practical failings of the regime’s maniacal leadership have not been obvious, they would have obfuscate the truth.
Is it really news that this regime has been engulfed in ineptitude and buffoonery? Does it matter who is saying this? Is it really news that some who have supported this regime are now criticizing it? Does it matter who is criticizing the regime? Some in the tabloids and state newspapers have begged for forgiveness when the regime called them out for critiquing it. I feel sorry for those stabled commentators. They will write and say everything else, except for taking an introspective look at themselves and challenging their macabre owners. They are trapped in a leash of life.
Wouldn’t it be more convincing news if the above individuals mentioned the genuflected role they have played in helping to shape and support some policies of this regime? In any confident and functioning democracy, these individuals would have been relegated to the dust bin of politics. But in Guyana, these individuals have a say because they had manipulated the voters through their twisted writings and campaigns to vote for this regime, and so there is now a saturated situation in which a desperate regime is relying on desperate individuals to achieve desperate outcomes. Is this ploy working? Maybe. Has the nation become more aware of this ploy? Absolutely. I suggest that these cryptic commentators apologize to the public for egging on this regime on an unrealistic and unreasonable path.
History has revealed that these stabled individuals have been on their knees praising the 100 days’ manifesto through a groundswell of desperation, and have refused parsing the most political propaganda pamphlet in post-independence Guyana. Remember this pamphlet swayed undecided voters to its side. Certainly, these individuals have denied witch-hunting from this regime. Certainly, these individuals have denied that the regime has engaged in corruption. They call incompetence and corruption mistakes. I say au contraire, what a folly? Certainly, these individuals have denied that SARU and SOCU are the protective and prosecuting arm and organ of the regime, designed to ridicule everyone else except those in coalition regime. Certainly these individuals have not seen the negative impact of regime’s policies towards agriculture and Guyana rural community. I describe their action as an irredeemable blot on rural happiness. Even more pathetic is that these commonality of commentators (they share a mutuality of problems as opposed to a community of one voice) have earned the reputation for being Georgetown centric, malleable, and flaccid when commenting beyond urban areas. I support Federalism to root out this myopic urban centralism.
When the above denials and problems are lumped together and de minimis with regard to significance and importance, we have not only a dereliction of duty from the regime, but also a dereliction of responsibility from commentators who are determined to put their limited creditability on line. In the school of journalism, this is called loose cannon mentality. My message to them to correct this slick and sleek behaviour might be too late, since some have already been metastasized into a daily and weekly riff-raff of musings. To them, if you support the opposition, you have no place in Guyana’s political space. What these individuals have missed so baldly is that the now opposition has always been effective and affective when in the opposition. The opposition used up 28 of its 51 years of post-independence existence to remove the most notorious dictatorship in the English-speaking Caribbean. The opposition, when in power, spent more than 12 of its 23 years to dismantle 28 years of dictatorship. Some have taken this battle for granted. Some have denied it ever happened. Some have pushed it under the rug. Nonetheless, history will show that this battle was a remarkable achievement, at least to show that political office is seasonal, and not for life.
What seems now to be on the cards is that the nation has been catching on to the sensational defence of the PNC-led regime, but sadly some have also become enervating and demoralized. I understand. We really never expect this repeated dose of history from the worst political left-overs in Guyana’s post-independence period. Even the pre-independence colonialists are preferred to those in power now.
Perhaps I am enabling the extremists by publishing this write-up. Maybe. I am guided by the thought that the extremists are misinforming the public. If they claim they know so much (soi-disant or self-proclaimed experts) about the current situation in Guyana, namely that the media has now turned on the regime, they must know of other controversial things and events going on in gov’t; or have they become laggard and incapacitated by their own self-interests? I think they are victims of the above twin circumstances. I rather see these individuals riding a donkey on the road around Parliament than to see them appearing on television and writing opinion pieces on how they are experts on Guyana. ([email protected]).