Disciplined services commended for ensuring adherence to COVID-19 restrictions

Dear Editor,
Over the busy Easter Holiday weekend, I – like many Guyanese – chose to relax with good friends and catch up on the things that are important to us. I noticed there was a heightened presence of members of the joint services, including Police officers and soldiers, on the roadways, and also closely monitoring the seawalls.
I was pleased that, despite the few instances of bars being closed at 9:30pm and customers being negative in their feelings about it, the ranks who were present refused to give in or relent on their instructions. I wish to say publicly that I support this restriction, and am quite pleased at enforcement of the laws and regulations that are in place to protect us all.
Those brave ranks were just carrying out their operational instructions to ensure that we are all going to be safe in our homes, and out of the reach of COVID once we are following the guidelines. I appeal to my fellow Guyanese not to curse or abuse the ranks, or refuse to comply with the instructions of the lawmen, or else you will be charged and prosecuted. Where there are instances of Police harassment, report it to the hierarchy of the Force. But first ensure you have the evidence to back your accusations against the lawmen.
I urge the party-going crowd and socialites to understand the impact that the pandemic is having on the world we live in and in our lives. There are, to date, 10,580 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Guyana, with 243 persons having lost the battle to this dreaded pandemic. While 9,250 persons have recovered from this dreaded disease, many more will have to be tested and vaccinated so as to protect themselves further from COVID-19, which is still being spread like wildfire.
I see this Irfaan Ali Administration taking the COVID threat very seriously, and they are in order. Let’s do our part to save and protect our human resources from COVID-19 epidemic and all of its strains now.

Alvin Hamilton