Disgruntled residents block river leading to RUSAL

Disgruntled residents have once again blocked a section of the Berbice River leading to the RUSAL company at Aroaima, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice).
This is the second time in little over a week that the section of the river has been blocked with wire rope by residents protesting the recent sacking of 61 workers attached to the company for striking against a one per cent salary increase.
Guyana Times understands that after news broke that the company was refusing to reinstate the employees, the dissatisfied residents decided to block the river and sections of the road leading to the company’s operations.
Meanwhile, Regional Vice Chairman Elroy Adolph indicated that a number of additional employees received letters from the company via post mail on Monday.
The letter dated February 20, 2019, noted that the company had decided to close sections of its operations and lay off some employees.
“It is our hope that the layoff will not be for more than the period stipulated by law… You will be paid wages up to the 20th of February 2019. Starting from 21st of February to date prior to recall you will be paid, during the period of lay-off, wages equivalent to 56 hours basic per week…”, a copy of the letter seen by this publication stated.
Adolph said he was informed that approximately 90 employees were issued the letters. Further, he added that this is “adding insult to injury”.
“Because when the Government is fighting for you to reinstate those, you are taking others off…I personally believe that they (company) must honour all agreements… in the future I hope we’re able to make better arrangements with foreigners who are coming to work…It’s very bad for us”, Adolph said.
Adolph, who was part of the recent meeting hosted with company and Government officials at Aroaima noted that the company was urged to honour the labour laws.