Drugs, improvised weapons found during Camp Street Prison raid

A team comprising of Police officers from Regional Division 4A, ranks of the Tactical Services Unit (TSU), and members of the Prison Service conducted a search at the Camp Street, Georgetown Prison where a number of contraband

Some of the items which were found at the Camp Street Prison during the raid on Friday

items were found. The raid was conducted on Friday morning and among the items found were seven improvised weapons; 76 small plastic parcels containing leaves seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis – amounting to 34 grams; 10 cellular phones; one SIM card; three cellular phone batteries; two nail clips; 16 pieces of paper containing a whitish substance suspected to be MDMA (molly/ecstasy) – amounting to six grams; one pair of scissors; three USB cables; one earpiece; five razor blades; one metal grater; one bottle homemade wine and a quantity of small Ziplock bags.